Surprise! Laundry Room Refresh

The finished space! It’s so pretty, I almost want to fold clothes!

Like in many homes, our mudroom/laundry room is the first thing you see when you walk in. Until recently, ours could best be described as an eyesore. Inspired by Pinterest images and Fixer Upper episodes, I sent my remodeler/realtor hubby this inspiration photo (below).

All I was really asking for was the shelf above the washer and dryer, so I could put cute containers there and get the clutter off the machines to make space for my laundry baskets.

A couple days before Christmas (!!!) last year, I came home from work to find the room in this condition (above).

That may seem shocking, but after 17 years of marriage to this man, I wasn’t surprised; I have come home to a house full of carpet suddenly ripped out, an entire yard dug up, walls removed, etc). I’d hinted that all I wanted for Christmas was a laundry room shelf. This is how much he dislikes shopping at stores haha. He went beyond and installed shiplap (!!! I’d always wanted something shiplap!!!) up the back wall and even put in cabinets! Never mind that my house was a wreck the day before Christmas Eve, this looked great!

Although I dont have a good (or rather… bad) before photo (because I didn’t know it was happening), you can get a sense of the ugly and multiple wall colors. To really get a feel for the before, picture laundry everywhere, cheap wire shelving around the ceiling, clothes hanging, clothes in baskets, clothes and laundry crap EVERYWHERE. It was a general dumping ground.

Within a day or so we had shelves, and I was already accessorizing 😂

Add a fresh coat of cool gray/tan paint (Im not allowed to help paint-too sloppy) new lighting, some cute but functional containers/storage, and a rug … it wasn’t exactly like the inspiration pin. It was BETTER!

I love it! Such a pretty and useful space that looks so much cleaner and brighter. Yay, hubby, he’s the best!

I accessorized with a glass jar of laundry soap pods, a glass spray bottle and an oil dispenser of stain remover, a wire basket of wool dryer balls, and greenery. The art on the top shelf is a charcoal still-life my husband drew for an art class in college. I love it!

What’s your fave refresh project? What space in your home needs some TLC? Comment below!

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