The Sunday Scaries…

Ah, Sundays. I have a love-hate relationship with you. I mean, it’s still the weekend. But… gasp, Monday is looming! I’m gonna have to adult the next day; my kids will have to… what – “kid” – tomorrow too. Whatever. Sunday is a fine line between the weekend and the workweek that can cause a phenomenon coined the “Sunday scaries.” And THAT, my friends, sucks the enjoyment out of Sunday.

How to deal? Hiding does not work (Monday still comes). To get over the Sunday scaries, here are a few tips I’ve discovered.

Tip 1: Plan dinners for the week. You don’t have to overwork this! Ask your family for ideas. Sure sometimes all you’ll hear in reply is a grunt, but occasionally they’ll throw out some great ideas. In the new year, I’m going take this a step further to focus dinner planning around what is already in my fridge and pantry and build from there. It’s all part of my master plan to quit wasting food (read: money)! If you really want to overachieve, meal prep! (Here’s a blog on meal prep )

Tip 2: Get everyone’s laundry put away and ready for the week. Laundry is easily my least fave thing to do. Make the kids help (this is extra credit due to the whining you may hear). Since I dislike, I definitely do not want to do it on weeknights after a full day’s work and in between kids’ homework, practices, games and other activities. If we are ready with clean clothes, we are ready for anything, people! And this leads me to numero 3…

Tip 3: Pick out AT LEAST Monday’s clothes for yourself. Bonus if you pick them out for the kids. Bonus, bonus if you pick them out for the whole week for yourself and the kids! Imagine… five full work/school days of not having to decide what to wear or argue with your kid(s) about their outfit. I may even have time to accessorize! Be sure to check the weather – where we live in the Midwest, you literally NEVER know what season it’ll be from one day to the next.

Tip 4: Get food ready for Monday. You will be so busy dealing with the fact that it’s Monday, you won’t want to spend the time or energy packing food to take along as you venture out into the world. And if you don’t bring food and you’re like me, you’ll eat crap and then you’ll feel bad and no good comes of that! Make some extra food Sunday and pack it; get ready the ingredients for Monday dinner. Oh, and set the coffeemaker if that’s your thing too!

Tip 5: Read for a minimum of 10 minutes at bedtime. I am a champion sleeper. It’s my superpower. But… even I have trouble nodding off on Sunday nights. (it’s the scaries, I’m telling you!) Then a friend suggested reading 10 mins before bed to help settle your mind for sleep and, man, it works! I used this to get back into reading books too (future blog post about my fave books coming soon). 10 minutes before bed is 100% doable and 1,000% enjoyable. No one wants to start Monday exhausted from a crappy night’s sleep.

Got your own ways to win Smonday (see what I did there)? Please share them with me in the comments!

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